(Why yes, it’s New York Fashion Week OF COURSE!)


Fashion week. Faaaaaaashion week fashion week fashion week. It’s just…delicious. I love fashion week every year. Usually I sit on the computer in the evenings and scour the latest collections, but I must say this year I have been, *slaps wrists enthusiastically* very preoccupied.

Now I have a free day I can delve into what I have missed so far, what I;m loving, what has surprised me, and of course, what influences am I going to be carrying forward to coming seasons.



I am new to Kate Spade. We have not been formerly introduced, I cannot call her ‘Katie’ just yet, but my my, WHAT an introduction. Her NYFW presentation immediately grabbed me whilst I was catching up, and mainly because of the influences she cited.

Anybody who wants to cite Liza Minelli and Ella Fitzgerald as muses, already has me shaking my pom-poms for her. The bright popping reds and dreamy rose chiffon that looks like a second skin, just OH MY GOD shoot me. The shoes. The cute but geeky block heels and flats that won’t kill me. The big, huge Cossack style cream hats that just ooze glamour when really, they probably shouldn’t; for me it’s the perfect blend of weird and girly the stuff of dreams. It’s beautiful, it’s eye-flutteringly cute, and it’s not totally unwearable. I mean, I could totally see myself in the houndstooth coat on the right there…hint…hint.

Kate Spade New York Has a New "Geeky-Chic" Look for Fall


Oh wow. This was just…dribbly. Even though I like to be influenced by some more preppy, ‘art teacher’ style outfits (because they actually suit my body type), I can’t help but run with gay abandon to Alexander Wang’s presentation. It’s just everything I want and more. Edgy patterned tights with chokers. Models looking like they’ve crawled up from sewers and decided to strut on the runway. Unapologetic, sharp grubby-ness that makes me all warm and gooey, all the way down to my leaking Doc Martens. There was denim, with lots of fluffy knits and a dark palette mixed with the odd splash of neon pink. It was a Tumbler moment, most definitely.
To me, they looked liked the kind of girls I’d want to impress on a night out. The girls who I’d try and smoke in front of. The girls that would stand in the corner of a club not dancing, and that would be more alluring.
Oh, and I need this jumper.


I know what you are going to say. I know.
“It’s not exactly wearable everyday, is it?”
No, it isn’t.
“I thought you were going on about wearability up there.”
Well, yes, I was.
“So, you’ve just, changed your mind?!”
Yes. Yes I did.
I defy ANYONE who can look at the Rodarte collection and not want to wear every, single stitch on those model’s bodies. It’s beautiful. It’s vampy. It’s so gothic glam I want to throw up, put some lace and leather on it, then gaze moodily at it.
The sequins. The lace. The fishnets with ruffled boots is just TOO MUCH. There were huge  multi-coloured long fur coats, which nod to the 70’s resurgence, the layering is perfect for F/W 2016 AND the dark lip/bare face trend that I love SO VERY DEARLY.
Yes, I got very overexcited about this collection.
And can I just take a minute over the white, bridal looks please. They are just..wowsers trousers. I want to wear a veil now. Every day. And if anybody asks me why I shall stare blankly at their faces, for I am a lost soul.
For me, I loved the prior two designers I mentioned, but Rodarte was a real standout. Any designer that can railroad my dislike for ostentatious designs and get me strung out like a junkie, definitely has my vote.
I’m getting married in this, don’t even care.

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