Last weekend was awesome. So awesome. Words cannot describe, or even begin to go into the awesomeness of last weekend, that’s how awesome it was.

I went back to Derby with Alex, and we got to go out with all our old friends. Obviously, I see them a hell of a lot more than he does (the last time he was back was before Christmas), but in a weird way that made us going back seem even more special. We have made a vow to go back once a month. It’ll keep me off his back, still means we get to go out AND it means we won’t be spending that much money; happy days.

It does mean, however, that we drink and eat like pure gluttons. We revert straight back to our first summer of being together, loads of wine, lots of takeaways and telling each other secrets. All incredibly good fun; not a sustainable lifestyle. When we got back to Lincoln I put in force a Clean Week. Good, clean healthy meals all week, no snackage, no bad food, lots of nutrition to get our bodies back on track. Needless to say, Alex has supported me 100%. He’s eaten all the clean meals I’ve cooked, and gave me pointers and encouragement. He’s also had a McDonalds and some Mini Eggs. So you can’t win them all.

The main point of Clean Week is to detox a little bit of our sinful weekend, and also to try and see if we both can eat these super healthy recipes. Some of them were kind of gross (completely from my own doing), and others were GORGEOUS.


Sweet Potato Curry

This was a variation of a recipe I cook anyway, but I wanted to see how Alex would fair without his protein. Of course, it was utterly delicious, and I added bak choi, celery, peppers and spring onions to the mix. This not only added more veggie for your buck, but also kept us fuller for longer. I decided to keep the sweet potato whole, so it was almost like chunks of meat. Meat that is sweet, and orange and tastes like sweet potato. I’m not saying I’m a genius, but I think I had Alex fooled…
I got it from a blog off here, which is Something Clean, Something Green and all of his recipes are AMAZING!!! Have a snoop on his blog, it’s delish.


Skinny Omelette

Skinny Omelette Wraps

Looking at the picture, I can safely say that ours WHERE BY NO MEANS PERFECT. Our pan has a domed base, so already the edges were a lot thicker than the middle, making for an incredibly eggy wrap. I also realised that I am a self-confessed veggie pusher, so added to the original recipe by shoving in peppers and celery. I’m also incredibly stingy and they were going out of date, so…DON’T HATE A GIRL ‘CUZ SHE’S THRIFTY, KAY?!
Anyway. They had so much potential. The pesto went exceptionally well with the cheese (we used goats cheese) and the greens just added a whole other texture.
If I can advise anybody on these, I would say make sure they are as thin as possible, and maybe think about something sharp to zip through it, maybe add a bit of lemon juice to the egg? I don’t know. Have a wiggle.
They are from 101 cookbooks, and there’s LOADS of other recipes on there to try.


Pesto Brown Rice with Sautéed Swiss Chard (Vegan & GF) |

Pesto Rice and Sautéed Greens

Look at the picture on that. Just look at it. Who WOULDN’T want to try and eat that? Now, I had already bought some pesto from the shops, so I didn’t actually make the pesto in this recipe, but I thought that would be definitely something for me to try! And then, 10 minutes before I started cooking, I realised we only had white rice in, not brown.
As you can see, the dinner was slowly spiralling from clean, vegan loveliness to half-arsed Humpday crap. Still, we persevered.
For some reason, there is the odd time when we make rice and it turns into a starchy pan of hateful glue. I cannot work out why, I do all of my steps the same but it still slams it’s bedroom door in my face and tells me I’m ruining it’s life. This being said, it was still mildly edible. The greens were the real show stopper of this meal though. I sauteed spinach, a parboiled sweet potato and some of the remaining bok choi with a crap tonne of garlic, whilst stirring pesto through the gelatinous oozing glob in the pan. Funnily enough it tasted really yummy, Alex’s only complaint was that the rice made him feel like he was going to shit himself. A fair critique.
If you want to actually do this recipe properly, it was from Pickles n Honey, a gorgeous vegan food blog that cooks seasonal stuff.


 Dark Chocolate Chunk Chocolate Avocado Cookies. The healthiest cookies in the world. No butter, no sugar, no grains. And you won't be able to tell! Gluten free.

Avocado Cookies

Now, very very technically I actually made these the day before, but these are what I ate for my dinner on Thursday so I think I should still put them here.

These cookies have changed my life. I think they’ve made me start believing in God. I think that aliens exist. I think they’ve cured me of my aggressive, irrational hatred of Susan Boyle.
These cookies are something else, but you’ve GOT to make sure that your avocados are ripe. And I mean if they aren’t basically falling out of their skins to get into your mixing bowl, they may still be a little under. The riper they are, the creamier they are and the better they are to whizz into a thin batter. When you do the first step of mixing them with an egg it should be dead runny. I am inpatient fucker, but if I am telling you to wait until all of the lumps are gone, trust it’s it’s for a worthwhile cause. These cookies are Alex’s favourite thing, mainly because they are so chocolatey it’s ridiculous, but also because how territorial I get over them. Is it possible to fancy a cookie?

They are from Sprouted Fig, which was originally The Smoothie Lover, and she has lots of beautiful, equally tasty things on there.


""Chicken Enchilada Casserole
This. This beauty. This resplendent casserole of sheer perfection. As you can tell, I completely adored this casserole, and even better, Alex did too. It’s really easy to swap in different ingredients too, so I added goats cheese for the top layer instead because it was about to go off. The only problem is that I’m always cooking for two, which meant we had a HUGE amount leftover. We were going to his parents the next day so I had to chuck it away, BUT I have to say that this is definitely going to be a recipe that I’m going to cook for friends and family alike. It’s also dead easy, so I would hugely recommend this.
I found the recipe on Pinterest, but the original is from Gimme Some Oven and all their stuff is DELICIOUS. Please go check it out.

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