Birthday Twerkday

I’m a ridiculous human being, this much most of you should know by now. One of the many facets of being a ridiculous human being the ability to become very obsessed, very quickly about pointless, non-events events. Like my twenty-third birthday, for example.

I’ve already bought my outfit. Yes, I know, I have no money but I always get myself a new outfit for my birthday. It’s basically a tradition.
It’s a silk pyjama style playsuit from Topshop, it’s basically the most beautiful thing anyone could imagine. I always look for something that’s weird enough to look different, but gorgeous enough to be classic, not just a seasonal fad piece, unfortunately I’ve made that mistake one to many times before.

I’m working on wearing clothes that actually fit my body correctly. I’m the WORST for this, old school Trinny and Susanna would punch me in the tit if they knew. Being a curvy pear (sounds hilarious) means that my big old donkey booty looks better in tighter stuff, but I love me a big slouchy jumper and leggings. Unfortunately they make me look like a shelf. An upside down muffin, spilling out over leggings. Yum.

 I decided a wrap front would be better for me (for the big old tatty-bo’s), and a tie waist to highlight my waist. I’m currently looking for shoes, as I’m planning to get my feet tattooed in May. I want to look into more alternative flatform type creps, if I’m going down the whole weird front. However, I am in two minds about whether to go down the whole ‘pyjama’ front, with some soft, jazzy loafers.

Image 1 of ASOS THEME Mule Platform Sandals

These are ridiculously gorj. From Asos (my absolute haven), they look sexy but also also weird enough to complete the whole look. My only beef is the covering up of the tootsies, and also the height. I fell over in heels a couple of years ago and seriously pranged my right foot, meaning most ‘heel’ heels are kind of out of the question for me, but look, look at the pretty.

T.U.K. Shoes Light Pink Reptile Viva Loafers

These little beauties are from T.U.K and are just what I’m on about. The iconic tassle. The thick tread. I could get as drunk as a skunk and still be able to walk. I got some quite similar a couple of year ago and I wore them till the soles split, those puppies went with me everywhere. A gorgeous loafer can toughen up any super girly outfit and make it cool, plus you can walk to the nearest takeaway for cheesy chips and a Fanta.


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