Hemsley & Hemsley – pea, peach and goats cheese salad

I was given this book for Christmas from my divine older sister.

Now, I’m usually a big old hater of recipe books like this. Devastatingly beautiful women on the front, glowing skin and shimmering hair, cute geek-chic/Scandi-esque knits…eurgh, envy emanates from me like the smell of a turkey farm, and my initial reaction to the first flick through of this recipe book was no different.

Books like this (a la Simply Ella and her motley ‘clean crew’) seem to sell the women/men in them, rather than the recipes inside, which isn’t exactly ground breaking news, I know.

But when I am making the concerted effort to feel healthy, to love my body and get down and jiggy with all things green and clean, I want someone a bit more…dare I say, normal? Instead of gleaming, beautified hipsters who definitely have had a mini roll or two, but would rather you suggest they snort coke off aging grannies than admit they enjoy a bottle of Sprite, I want someone who looks like they just brush the mud off their home grown veggies, and bite into a beetroot raw. 

I want someone who is a bit scrappy, makes everything seasonal from their own garden (as much as possible) but has the simplicity of ingredients that Hemsley and Hemsley have been able to achieve.

Instead of listing ingredients found in the depths of the rainforest, or *gasp* in back woods health food shops, they list things that the average shmoe (that’ll be me) can actually afford, something for which I am most appreciative.

Pea, peach and goats cheese salad

Picture from the Hemsley and Hemsley book ‘The Art of Eating Well’


But anyway. Ranting aside…

This salad is just ridiculous. To the point where I actually forced Alex into having it for dinner twice in a row. Now for normal people that would be normal. I have this insane inability to eat the same meal twice in a week. It just makes me feel stodgy and sick, a bit stagnant and bored. It does not help the old bank balance, and you’d think by now I’d be able to manage portions properly. I cannot.

But this salad was everything I wanted it to be. It was crunchy, flavoursome, the depth of the goats cheese was expertly sliced by the min, the buttery, softness of the courgettes counteracted by the crispness of the little gem lettuce. In short, it was delicious.

If you’re sick of eating shit salads, with sad wilting celery and crappy lettuce, please, give this bad boy a go. Trust me, you’ll be wanting to eat this at least for four days straight.




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